Check out our new PVO Blog!

The AppleSeeds PVO (Parent Volunteer Organization) is getting “organized” this year.  This will be the second school year for the AppleSeeds PVO, and it needed a little organization, a place where parents could go to look at what’s going on in the PVO.  Yes, there will still be emails sent out, etc. but this is the place to go to really stay up to date.  The PVO Blog will have updated info and reminders about what’s going on with upcoming fundraisers and activities at the school.  It will have links to sign-ups and invitations for volunteers to come and help out.  There is a list of all of the activities planned for the current school year and we are always looking for more ideas.  If you didn’t get a chance to sign up for the PVO at orientation, take a second and let us know you’re interested in helping out by emailing us at [email protected] .  Take a second to check out the PVO Blog to see what’s happening so far this year!

OR- click on the “Parents” tab to find the link